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Interventional Pain Medicine and Management
Do you struggle with chronic pain? A key component in a successful diagnosis is the ability to describe your symptoms. Our skilled team of pain management specialists at Carle McLean County Orthopedics will sit down and discuss the location, severity, type of pain you are experiencing and the possible causes. We specialize in a variety of areas, including shoulder, knee, hip, back, neck, elbow, foot, ankle and hand and wrist pain. No matter your condition, our highly-skilled physicians will work hard to alleviate your symptoms so you can return to your regular routine.
To continue to comprehensively care for our patients, Carle McLean County Orthopedics has an in-house pain procedure suite that often helps patients feel immediate relief. This provides a more convenient experience for our patients with on-site pain injections and radiofrequency ablation (RFAs). 
Back Pain
Having back pain is relatively common and can occur at any time. However, it is a condition that can be treatable if appropriately managed. Cause of back pain could include sports-related injuries, improper lifting of heavy equipment, physical exertion, bad posture or uncomfortable sleeping positions and can happen at any time. Back pain can also be associated with medical issues, such as osteoporosis, ruptured or herniated disc or even sciatica. Carle McLean County Orthopedic's pain specialists are trained in all areas of interventional pain medicine and management techniques and are ready to help you live pain-free.
Neck Pain
Neck pain can often result from poor posture, leaning towards something, sleeping in the wrong position or even hunching over for too long. Neck discomfort can be attributed to a worn joint from overuse, muscle strains or even neck compression issues. While these types of pain may not be serious, if you experience neck pain associated with pain shooting down your arm or numbness in your arms, call a doctor immediately.
If you’re in pain, we want to help. Chronic pain doesn’t have to interfere with your life. 
Empowered Relief Seminar
Carle McLean County Orthopedics encourages their patients and those in the community to learn more about how you can train your brain away from pain. Every month, we host a two-hour course that will teach you helpful pain relief skills that you can use right away! You will also receive a free binaural relaxation audio file and create a personal plan for your pain relief. This evidence-based skills class requires only one visit and is led by Sandra Fader, RN, MSN, certified instructor and pain management provider on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Bone Health
 As a comprehensive orthopedic facility, we often treat patients with bone fractures caused by injuries, accidents or simply as a result of wear and tea. While we will always be here to address these important needs, we also offer preventative, proactive support through our Bone Health Clinic. 
The Bone Health Clinic offers preventative screenings and treatment options for osteoporosis and overall bone health. We offer innovative insight into the integrity of one’s entire skeletal system as well as osteoporosis prevention education or treatment options. New technology couple with experienced analysis offers you tremendous insight into injury prevention and improved quality of life.
The first visit to the Bone Health Clinic consists of a health history and status questionnaire. If certain criteria are met you may then be scheduled for a scan through our state-of-the-art DEXA scanner.
It's safe, quick and non-invasive nature makes it the ideal technology for today’s needs. DEXA, or Bone Densitometry, is the most accurate method for evaluating comprehensive bone health and diagnosing osteoporosis. After a completed scan, customized reports are obtained and analyzed by our trained medical team. Comprehensive data is then compiled and used to formulate complete, preventative and treatment options. Overall bone health, osteoporosis screening and evaluation is an important step in overall health. 
Tendonitis Treatment
At Carle McLean County Orthopedics, we offer safe, effective and quick solutions for our patients. If you have been experiencing tendon pain in your shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle or foot and want to avoid open surgery, Percutaneous Ultrasound Tenotomy (PUT) treatment may be right for you. Our providers use Tenex Health TX® technology to safely break down and remove the target, diseased tissue while leaving health tendons unharmed.

Percutaneous Ultrasound Tenotomy treats chronic:
  • Shoulder tendonitis.
  • Tennis/golfer’s elbow.
  • Hip tendonitis.
  • Hamstring tendonitis.
  • Jumper’s knee.
  • Achilles tendonitis.
  • Plantar fasciitis.
  • Calcific deposits in the tendon.
  • Bone spurs or bony prominences.
Chronic tendon pain can be caused by overuse, injury or calcification. With a single PUT procedure, we can help you get back to the activities you love. The PUT procedure takes under 30 minutes total and full recovery can be as soon as six weeks. Clinical studies have shown that PUT has removed tendon pain for over 85% of patients.
Benefits of Percutaneous Ultrasound Tenotomy:
  • Rapid pain relief.
  • Rapid recovery.
  • No stitches.
  • One-time treatment.
  • Well-tolerated procedure.
Don’t let tendon pain stop you from doing the activities you love most. For more information on this procedures, or other minimally invasive options to reduce pain and promote healing, call for an appointment today.
Physical and Occupational Therapy
At Carle McLean County Orthopedics, we focus on the whole person, not just the specific injured area. Our team prides itself on matching you with a therapy program that fits your goals. Not every injury can be treated the same way. Our staff is dedicated to learning what is important to you and helping you obtain those goals. We will help you recover in a welcoming, fun and friendly environment. 

Our therapy team will provide care that is comprehensive, compassionate, ethical and evidence-based to assist you in achieving your personal therapy goals. We will communicate and collaborate with your physician throughout your treatment.
Physical Therapy
Carle McLean County Orthopedics is a leading provider of physical therapy rehabilitation. Our therapists assist patients of all ages to get back to the life they love through exercises and strength-building to treat their injuries or recover after surgery. We implement research-based techniques to improve movement and functionality, reduce pain and prevent further disability. Physical therapy can help treat causes of back pain, neck pain, knee pain, sprains, fractures and more. At Carle McLean County Orthopedics, we will assist you in your return to independence. We offer specialized programs including: 
Return to Work Program
Aquatic Therapy
Metabolic Testing
Osteoarthritis (OA) Program
Exercise is Medicine Program
Occupational Therapy
Carle McLean County Orthopedics employs a professional team of occupational therapists who assist patients with injury and post-surgery recovery and develop skills for day-to-day activities. With help from an occupational therapist, patients will improve mobility, coordination and motor skills. If you recently had surgery or experience injuries, occupational therapists can help promote changes in your current environment to make your life easier. Our goal is to help you return to regular life as soon as possible.
Want a preview? Check out our Therapy YouTube channel to learn some at-home remedies for common movement problems.
Diagnostic Imaging Services
Carle McLean County Orthopedics offers patients on-site imaging technology, including x-rays, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), diagnostic and procedural aid ultrasounds and DEXA scans. X-rays are commonly used to diagnose broken bones, examine areas of the body experiencing pain, monitor the progression of certain diseases and more. MRIs are noninvasive medical tests that use a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed imaged of organs and tissues within the body, which can’t be seen with a typical x-ray. Patients can benefit from the quality, speed and convenience of our on-site imaging technology. Your results will be read quickly and efficiently by an expert who will provide a diagnosis and treatment options upon the completion of your imaging service.

Treated Conditions

Complex bone breaks
Foot/ankle injuries

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.