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Danville, Vermilion Advantage and Carle team up on medical campus

Danville, Vermilion Advantage and Carle team up on medical campus

Caleb Miller from CarleCarle plans to consolidate its current Danville facilities and develop a medical campus between Logan and Gilbert streets, Carle announced today with the City of Danville and Vermilion Advantage.

The development proposal spans approximately 17 acres, consolidates Carle facilities at 311 W. Fairchild St. and 2300 N. Vermilion St. and will better accommodate patients in Danville, Vermilion County and neighboring communities.

“We’re thrilled about this development opportunity,” Mayor Rickey Williams said. “With the potential to spur economic growth in Danville and surrounding areas, this project can better support our community and potentially revitalize the neighborhoods near our downtown district.”

The proposed development will expand outpatient services into a single, multipurpose campus that features primary, surgical and specialty care.

“We believe this project is an opportunity to benefit the Danville community and all those we serve. As always, we intend to be a good steward of the community’s healthcare resources and provide more accessible services to those who need it,” said Caleb Miller, Carle senior vice president, Primary Care & Specialty Care Services. “We appreciate the partnership with Vermilion Advantage, the Vermilion County Land Bank, the City of Danville and Mayor Williams’ support as we move through this process.”

Carle has been leasing the building on Fairchild Street since 2006. The lease will conclude and provide an opportunity for a new use. The facility on Vermilion Street would be available for sale, and Carle Arrow Ambulance services will relocate to the new campus.

Proposed medical campus mapThe Vermilion County Museum at 116 N. Gilbert St. in Danville will remain. Carle will incorporate the treasured facility into the campus design.

Vermilion Advantage, an organization that advocates for opportunities that strengthen the local economy, played an integral role in supporting this proposed development.

“This project has the potential to give new momentum to the area and truly benefit the downtown and our entire Vermilion County community,” Vermilion Advantage President Vicki Haugen said. “Quality, accessible healthcare is critical to our stability and growth.  It makes perfect sense for us to support this plan for Carle to provide greater service and accessibility to patients and families in our area.”

The development is contingent on property availability and zoning in addition to state approval of a Certificate of Need. Dependent on necessary approvals, the development could be complete at the end of 2021.

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