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Exceptional patient experiences a highlight of Patient Experience Week

Exceptional patient experiences a highlight of Patient Experience Week
Patient Experience Week, which began April 24 and runs through April 29, is an annual, global observance to celebrate healthcare team members – from nurses and other medical providers, to support staff, to executives – who impact patient experiences every day.

“Patient Experience Week provides an opportunity for all of our team members to consider our impact – directly or indirectly – on the experience of our patients,” Carle Experience Executive Director Theresa Green said.

Dana Meek, manager of Carle Experience, said. “We’re here to be the trusted partner in our patients’ healthcare. One way to ensure that is to provide the kind of experience they deserve. At Carle Health, our values, mission and vision drive a culture of excellence, integrity, inclusivity, compassion and accountability. We demonstrate those values when we deliver an excellent patient experience.”

Carle Health measures the patient experience with our Net Promoter Score (NPS) through our real time patient survey process and our health plan member surveys. “Because of the compassionate and thoughtful care we give our patients, we reached our highest NPS in 2022,” Meek said. The current score – a rolling 12-month average – is 79.9. The system’s 2023 goal is 79.5. The national average is 76.6.

“We always endeavor to provide high-quality clinical care for our patients and their families. A bad experience anywhere along our care continuum can cause our patients to trust us less and give them pause when it comes to following through on the care we’ve prescribed,” Napoleon Knight, MD, MBA, Carle Health executive vice president and chief medical officer, said. “Everything from the way they’re greeted at registration, the time they wait in the exam room, how effective we are in our communications with them, and even the accuracy of the bills they receive, contribute to the patient experience and are things that we continually focus on in our efforts to improve. Providing an exceptional patient experience builds trust with patients, families and the communities that we serve.”

Patients can submit Gold Star recognitions, a program that offers a chance for patients and community members to thank and highlight care team members’ positive work. There are forms in a brochure that is available for patients at Carle locations and is available here.

To honor Patient Experience Week, the following are examples of some patient submissions from the past several months. The team members mentioned in these examples represent the many Carle Health team members who have provided great patient experiences. Some of the patient testimonials have been edited for brevity:

Carle Health Pekin Hospital Women’s Diagnostic Center, Pekin
“Today, my mom had a mammogram at the Pekin Women’s Diagnostic Center and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the staff there. My mom has dementia so I accompanied her to her appointment. Starting at the registration desk, the worker, Angie, was kind and understanding. I’m sure once she pulled up my mom’s chart, she could see somewhere on there that she has dementia; that, or she has an amazing superpower. From the very beginning, she was so caring toward my mom and repeated herself in a very kind manner when my mom was a little confused. When we were ready to move to the next step in the process and go across the hall, she very kindly asked me if I would need to join my mom in the room during her scans. I was shocked in the best way when she asked me this because that was when I knew that she also knew that my mom just needed a little bit of extra help. The ladies across the hall were so kind as well, Lisa and Tonya. Tonya did the mammogram on my mother and was very kind and understanding of my mom, taking a little bit of extra time to answer her routine questions. Angie, Lisa and Tonya were incredible and my mom and I truly appreciate the way they treated us.”

Carle Health Methodist Hospital Pediatrics Unit, Peoria
“I wanted to thank you for the nurses on your floor. Your entire staff once again excelled. All of these nurses went above and beyond. All of them gave advice while multi-tasking to their professional duties. All the nurses changed sheets, took out garbage, made sure the room was clean and comfortable and did things that were truly above what they needed to do. Laurie always excels in her nursing and people skills. Dani was able to turn something complicated into a situation of care and comfort. Melissa hung in there even when I was discouraged and grouchy. Shannon helped me while I was crying late at night, changed sheets with me, gave incredible, encouraging motherly and clinical advice, laughed with me and always made sure I had everything I needed throughout her entire shift. It is never an easy thing to have a son admitted but all these nurses took their time to listen, care and treat (him) as if he was the only person on that floor.”

Deborah Giboney and her colleagues in the reception area at Carle Therapy Services at Carle North Annex, Urbana
“Carle provided me with multiple visits to the physical therapy department. During these visits, I observed the other patients arriving for their sessions, seeing many of these individuals and the challenges they faced. I noticed they were recognized at the reception desk with familiarity, warmth and welcome; perhaps, as with me, it was the only human contacts we might make that day. I commend Deborah and the reception staff for their positive presence! My most positive experience was with Deborah. She has a light and love in her eyes and her smile. I think how much joy people like her bring to our world. And how much all of us need that.”

Latosha Grayned, senior LPN, PV7 med/surg, Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana
“Latosha was an excellent nurse to my mom, who had so many needs. She was caring, insightful and skilled. Her years of nursing expertise was obvious as she confidently and compassionately gave care to Mom. She also showed compassion for my family during this time. Thank you Latosha! You are awesome!”

Kitchen staff, Carle BroMenn Medical Center, Normal
“The kitchen staff at BroMenn does a superb job. The food that should be hot, is hot. The food that should be cold, is cold. Their fruit plates are excellent. They pay close attention to sodium and liquid restrictions. Everything is attractive on the plate. Their pot roast is so tender, it could be cut with a fork. I feel they are unsung heroes. Good job!”

Alyssa Allhands, RN, Progressive Care Unit, Carle BroMenn Medical Center, Normal
“I just want to say thank you so much for everything you are doing for my daughter. You have gone above and beyond to make her feel better and always comfortable. We couldn’t do this without you and we truly mean that. Alyssa is one of the BEST nurses I have ever encountered. My daughter is very ill and has been in several different hospitals. Alyssa is the most caring and compassionate nurse. She not only does her regular duties but I feel she goes above and beyond. She truly is a hero and a definite asset to Carle BroMenn.”

Emergency Department staff, Carle Richland Memorial Hospital, Olney
“It was a sad, woeful experience that had me seeking treatment in the Emergency Department. As a firm believer in sucking it up, I was hesitant to walk up to the registration desk and confirm my desire to be seen by a provider. However, as I hear such wonderfully positive things about CRMH ED, I knew I would be in good hands. The nurses and the nurse practitioner were thoughtful, caring, compassionate and respectful. Bri was an absolute delight. Never again will I experience the uncertainty of wondering whether or not I’d be a burden to the ED team. They are a well-oiled machine. Many thanks!”

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