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Way to Be! winners make day brighter for patients, co-workers

Way to Be! winners make day brighter for patients, co-workers
Whether it’s singing with a young patient who had no family nearby or helping a mother whose newborn had died, Carle Health team members reflect the organization’s Values by shining a light on others, resulting in world-class care.

Some of those team members are being honored with the organization’s latest quarterly Way to Be! awards. They demonstrate how being totally present in the moment can make that moment shine for everyone.

“At Carle Health, we put our patients and plan members first,” Dana Meek, Carle Experience manager, said. “That means also supporting our team members. When we focus on our patients, plan members and teammates, in other words, when we shine a light on others, the result is world-class care. Our latest quarterly Way to Be! winners live that.”

Way to Be! is the Carle Health peer-to-peer program that recognizes team members across the enterprise who live the Carle Health Values of Accountability, Compassion, Excellence, Inclusivity and Integrity. These Values are foundational to the Carle Health culture. Quarterly winners are chosen by the Carle Health Reward and Recognition Committee.

Here are the most recent Way to Be! winners and their stories:

Stephanie Doss, patient care manager, In-School Health, District 150, Peoria
Doss oversees the school-based health centers in Peoria Public Schools and the Carle Health Greater Peoria school nurse program contracted with two Tazewell County school districts. Since she assumed this leadership role several years ago, the program has become fiscally focused, and annual site visits and reviews have been positive. Doss demonstrates all Carle Health Values as a team member and manager.

Jessica Buster, RN, medical/surgical unit at Carle Health Methodist Hospital, Peoria
Buster goes above and beyond for patients every day. Recently, her unit treated a young patient from outside the area and with no family nearby. Nearly three weeks passed before an appropriate placement was found. Buster allowed the patient to sit beside her. Sometimes, they would listen to music and sing together. Before the patient was discharged, Buster gave the patient a bag of clothes, did her nails and gave her activity books so she wouldn’t be bored at the facility to which she was being transferred.

Rachael Scherer, RN, labor and delivery at Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana
A baby was delivered with multiple anomalies not compatible with life. Scherer was a calming presence in the face of sadness. Scherer asked the mother what was important to her. She said she wanted to see and hold her baby. Scherer helped the mother change clothes, fix her hair, wrap the baby and create a beautiful space in the room for a photo shoot. She did hand and footprints of the baby.

Orthopedics inpatient team, Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana
The mother of a patient, who was a victim of violence, informed the inpatient orthopedics team that it was the patient’s birthday when he was admitted to the hospital. A tech ordered a cake, and all the techs went into the patient’s room to sing “Happy Birthday.” Then they found out it was another patient’s birthday and sang to that person as well.

Justin Roberds, pharmacy tech, central pharmacy at Carle BroMenn Medical Center, Normal
Roberds knows the IV room, how to order drugs, the Carle Eureka Hospital pharmacy fills, the three computer systems that track where drugs are stored and the temperatures of the locations where they are stored. He can operate every computer program and piece of equipment, is loyal to the organization and has an endearing, self-deprecating sense of humor.

Maria Gonzalez, housekeeping associate, Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center
Gonzalez was cleaning a patient’s room in the medical/surgical unit when the patient told her that he was experiencing gradual vision loss. Gonzalez found a lamp for the patient’s room. The patient’s sight was assisted and he felt seen and heard, enhancing his hospital experience.

Marle Zimmer, phlebotomist/lab assistant, Carle BroMenn Medical Center, Normal
Zimmer is a wealth of lab knowledge. She answers questions about phlebotomy and helps younger techs solve problems. Zimmer helps team members even when she’s busy, is reliable and maintains a positive attitude.

Every Carle Health team member takes steps to make each day brighter for their patients, colleagues and communities. From clinical to professional to technical careers, our team changes lives for the better.

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