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Take a moment for self-care with treatments for refreshed and healthy skin

Take a moment for self-care with treatments for refreshed and healthy skin
Taking time to care for yourself can improve physical and mental wellness. Taking a moment to enjoy refreshing, medical-grade cosmetic services is one way to achieve your goals for wellness.

Carle Health offers the latest in skin care aesthetic medicine services through our certified Plastic surgery physician associate and aesthetician.

“There are many benefits in obtaining medical grade skin care,” said Hannah Mooney, PA-C. “Every treatment is patient specific and begins with a consultation with either me or Lydia, or both depending on what your goals are. When I see patients for consultation I am finding they are looking to maintain their natural beauty, but needing just a little something to feel and look more refreshed.”

Carle provides a variety of treatments to meet patients’ goals, many being non-surgical and non-invasive.
“I conduct a skin analysis, pointing out what I see and feel on the skin, and this plays a big part of what is best for each person,” said Lydia Beckett, Aesthetician. “I address the patient’s main concerns, while also recommending treatments based on their goals.

Patricia Galbavy, a patient of both Mooney and Beckett, can testify to the success of the consultation and treatments she received. With Mooney, she received Botox® and fillers. Botox® helps soften wrinkles and fine lines while dermal filler provides contouring of the face. Both provide a more youthful appearance.

Galbavy received dermaplaning with Beckett, which removes dead skin cells for smoother, healthier skin. She also received microneedling with Beckett to improve the appearance of scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation, as well as rejuvenate the texture and appearance of the skin.

Galbavy first received an initial consultation where the team worked with her to decide what treatments would be best for her individual needs.

“The attention to detail and my goals both Hannah and Lydia provided when we first started will definitely have me return for further care” said Galbavy.

Katie McDaniel also received a consultation and a treatment plan with Beckett.

“During my consult I told Lydia my skin related concerns, which included hyperpigmentation and an uneven skin tone,” said McDaniel. “Lydia examined my skin, reviewed the products I use at home, and formulated a plan tailored to my skin. The treatment decided upon were chemical peels.”

With a plan for addressing McDaniel’s specific skin needs, her visits helped her achieve the look she wanted.

“Lydia talked me through the entire process and let me know what to expect during and after treatment. She was also very friendly and personable to talk to throughout the procedure,” said McDaniel. “I am super excited that to see improvement in my problem areas, and have noticed visible improvement after each peel.”

The training the team undergoes also provides the benefit of expertise with all services and allows the clinicians to advise patients on the latest solutions.

“It’s about continuing education,” said Mooney. “We’re experts because we continually train on the most up-to-date ways to provide these services.” Mooney also completed specific training through Allergan, the provider of Botox®, and Juvéderm® dermal filler to safely use the products for an effective treatment.

Beckett also continues her education to provide these services in a medical facility. “Because I have the training to work in a medical facility under a physician, we can be more aggressive with treatment when performing chemical peels and microneedling.”

This continuing education is what allows for the team to provide high-quality series that help patients feel confident in their own skin.

“I see all types of adult cosmetic concerns,” said Mooney. “A lot of people in their thirties and forties, but I do see some patients in their 20’s. It’s a lot of people interested in taking steps for preventative aging.”

“I see everyone from twenty-five to eighty,” said Beckett. “This isn’t just for one group of people.”

“We are also firm believers in educating our patient’s to better understand their skin, especially in the overwhelming world of cosmetic treatments on social media,” said Mooney. “Skincare is a journey.”

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