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Put Convenient Care Plus on your holiday wish list

Put Convenient Care Plus on your holiday wish list

Remember summertime, when the weather was warm, the sun set later and the baseball fields were hopping? Gage Dann of Camargo does. His parents do, too.

Playing in Rantoul during an Urbana Parks District Wood Bat League game, the 17-year-old slid into home plate, grabbed his ankle and watched the swelling start. His parents, Salisa and Bart, figured they’d need to go to the Carle Foundation Hospital Emergency Department, because Convenient Care closed at 8 p.m.

Instead, they learned Convenient Care Plus at Carle Foundation Hospital is open daily until 10 p.m.

“Gage was in a lot of pain. He could bear no weight on his ankle. We could see swelling before we even took his shoe off, which we chose not to do until we arrived at Carle. We put ice on the ankle while we were on our way to Carle … although that didn't help any,” Salisa said.

Although baseball injuries aren’t so likely this time of year, it’s important to know Convenient Care Plus remains open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, including major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day. On those holidays, Convenient Care at Champaign on Curtis is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., as well. Convenient Care at Danville on Fairchild, Mattoon on Hurst and Urbana on Windsor close early – at 2 p.m. – on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Convenient Care Plus provided just what the Dann family needed, especially considering the injury happened when it wasn’t cold and flu season.

“They were so quick that by the time I stepped out of the restroom, they were already taking him to a room,” Salisa said. “And then Gage never had to leave the exam room. The x-ray tech even came to the room for x-rays.”

  • Convenient Care Plus for Carle and non-Carle patients is for non-life-threatening health concerns that need answers from a doctor now. Locations in Danville, Mattoon and Urbana include all the treatments available in Convenient Care, plus advanced testing on-site. Choose Convenient Care Plus for high fevers, injuries requiring x-rays, kidney stones and stomach pain.

  • Convenient Care is for when you’re feeling under the weather and don’t want to wait for an appointment with your primary care provider. Choose Convenient Care for cold and flu symptoms, common aches and pains, respiratory issues, sore throats and urinary tract infections.

  • Remember, Virtual Visits let you to get the care you need, wherever you are. During an online visit, providers can access your health history and prescribe to your preferred pharmacy. Connect with a provider in minutes through your computer or mobile device 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for only $49. Virtual Visits are for non-urgent needs such as allergies, cold and flu symptoms, rashes, ear aches or pink eye.

The summertime game wasn’t the first time Gage needed sports-related care quickly.

“We’ve taken him to both Convenient Care and the emergency room. Carle Convenient Care Plus was super quick and super helpful,” Bart said. “The staff that helped Gage that evening was wonderful with him and with us.”

The preliminary news that night was good, but Gage’s care team took no chances.

“They saw no break in his ankle from the initial x-rays. However, they still treated his injury as though it was broken. This was to ensure Gage didn't do any further damage to his foot,” Salisa said. “Luckily, it was not broken – only a bad sprain. He’s back at being a busy teenager and playing basketball. 

“Not much can slow him down.”

The Danns regularly recommend Convenient Care Plus to friends and family.

“I'm really thankful a mom from the game suggested Carle Convenient Care Plus. We were certain we’d have to spend most of our evening in the ER,” Salisa said. “This is a great option for families, especially after Convenient Care’s normal business hours. 

“This also allows the ER staff to focus on more urgent medical needs.”

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