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What is an Annual Wellness Visit?

During this visit, you’ll meet with a member of your care team to have a focused discussion around your specific health risks and wellness needs. The care team member will review your medical conditions, current medications, immunizations and other preventive care needs, and they’ll perform risk-based assessments. After gathering this information, they’ll review any additional lifestyle changes you can make to help you stay as healthy, active and independent as possible.

What’s the difference between an Annual Wellness Visit and a complete physical exam?

The Annual Wellness Visit is a yearly visit covered 100% by Medicare (and Medicare Advantage) plans. It focuses on risk-based assessment, preventive care and education. While there’s no out-of-pocket cost for the Annual Wellness Visit itself, certain diagnostic testing or referrals that may result from the visit (for example, if your care team recommends them) may incur out-of-pocket charges.

A complete physical exam is a full, head-to-toe check of your body completed by a doctor or other healthcare provider. It’s not covered by Medicare, but it could be covered by a Medicare Advantage plan on a yearly basis.

What happens during an Annual Wellness Visit?

Before you visit, you’ll be contacted by your care team for a Health Risk Assessment (HRA). At your Annual Wellness Visit, your care team will gather information to provide personalized health education based on a discussion of the following items:

  • Any feelings of stress, anxiety or depression you may have.
  • Your lifestyle, daily routine and memory.
  • Preventive care you’re entitled to.
  • Your weight, height, blood pressure and body mass index.
  • Any health concerns you have.
  • Decisions about your healthcare if you become unable to speak for yourself.

What should I bring to my Annual Wellness Visit?

When you make your appointment, your care team may ask you to bring:

  • All your medications, including vitamins and supplements.
  • Your diabetes blood sugar meter, or your list of blood sugar readings.
  • Your automatic blood pressure cuff, or your list of blood pressure readings.
  • Your medical power of attorney or living will paperwork.

You should have an Annual Wellness Visit with your care team once every year. Please review the Preventative Care section within your MyCarle account to see if you’re due for your next one. If you do not have an active MyCarle account, you can request one by clicking here.

If you’re due for your next Annual Wellness Visit, contact (217) 383-3200 to schedule your appointment today.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.