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Hearing Loss Self-Assessment 
Could you have hearing loss? Take our self-assessment.

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Hearing Loss Treatment  
You may have difficulty hearing in crowded rooms, on the phone or watching TV. You may feel isolated or have changed your lifestyle because of hearing loss. If you feel hearing loss is impacting your life, call today to see how we can help.

Whether you were born with hearing loss or lost hearing as an adult, our experienced team will work with you to find a solution.


Our skilled audiologists will work with you to evaluate your hearing, determine your level of hearing loss and recommend the best treatment options.


Implantable Devices

  • Cochlear Implants - These devices can restore hearing for patients with severe to profound hearing loss. Our  Adult Cochlear Implant Program is committed to helping each patient reach the highest level of hearing possible using the device that is right for them. Otologist Michael Novak, MD, started the program at Carle in 1985 and Ryan Porter, MD, joined our team in 2012. As a nationally known provider of cochlear implants, we have been a part of many clinical trials for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, including the original device studies for all three major cochlear implant manufacturers. Our team is dedicated to developing a long-term relationship with patients and families to maximize hearing and communication effectiveness.
  • BAHA – Bone anchored hearing device - These implantable devices are ideal for treatment of conductive hearing loss, single-sided deafness and for patients who are unable to wear traditional hearing aids. A small metal fixture is inserted into the bone behind the ear during an outpatient surgical procedure. Once the patient heals, the device is fit with a small external processor that transmits sound directly to the inner ear. Our audiologists will then work with the patient to program the processor to achieve  the best results. 

Hearing Aids
Technology has made a huge impact on the way hearing aids work, look and feel. Our experts will find a hearing aid that best suits your lifestyle and meets your needs. We offer a wide variety of hearing aid products to fit any need or budget.

Special features/options include:

  • iPhone/Bluetooth compatible
  • Remote microphones for better hearing in noisy environments
  • Wireless TV streamers

Ringing In the Ears (Tinnitus) Management  
Having a ringing, roaring, clicking or hissing sound in your ears is called tinnitus – a condition that can make hearing, working and even sleeping difficult. We offer expert evaluation and treatment to provide relief.

Treatments can include:

  • Hearing aids - Because tinnitus is often caused by hearing loss, hearing aids enhance hearing and mask the noise. Some hearing aids have built-in sound generators that provide relief from tinnitus.
  • Masking - Devices such as fans, radios and sound generators can be used as maskers to help individuals with tinnitus sleep.
  • Counseling/Biofeedback - Talking with a psychiatrist or counselor may help with strong emotional responses to tinnitus.

Dizziness Management  
Our team of experts helps patients with persistent or recurrent vertigo. Ouraudiologists, otolaryngologists and physical therapists work together to evaluate, diagnose and treat  dizziness. If you have any questions about how we treat dizziness and imbalance, please get in touch with your primary care provider.

Ear Issues
If you are experiencing pain in your ears, frequent infections or other medical conditions that cause concern, our Ear, Nose and Throat  experts can help.

Meet Our Team

With doctors practicing in 80 specialties at locations throughout the region, it’s easy to find the right healthcare team at Carle. Our mission is to serve people through high quality care, medical research and education.


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