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What is TAVR?
Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is an exciting alternative for Carle patients with severe aortic stenosis who can't have open heart surgery.

With severe stenosis, buildup in the aortic valve prevents blood from flowing freely from the heart to the body. Patients suffer shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, even sudden death - and many aren't treated because of their high risk for surgery. Until now, you had no other treatment option available and were given an average of two years to live. That's why we’re committed to bringing TAVR to our community.

The narrowed valve allows less blood to flow through, and as a result, less oxygen-rich blood is pumped out to your body.

How Does it Work?
Our team of TAVR experts insert a small, collapsible by catheter through a small incision in the thigh and guide it to the chest using X-ray. Once inside the aorta, the replacement expands to replace the damaged valve. The new valve allows blood to flow through immediately, adding years to your life in an instant.

What Are the Benefits of TAVR?

  • Provides hope for patients with severe aortic stenosis who are too sick for open heart surgery.
  • Minimally invasive procedure with less scarring, faster healing time and shorter hospital stay than open heart surgery.
  • Recovery time of three days or less.

Why Choose Carle for TAVR?
Carle Heart and Vascular Institute (HVI) is one of the only providers in the region offering this innovative procedure since its FDA approval in 2011. TAVR procedures require expertise from several heart disciplines, and our team approach is what makes this procedure successful. Our heart surgeons, interventional cardiologists, anesthesiologists, echocardiographers and cath lab staff have extensive training in TAVR. They work together to evaluate your individual needs  to ensure the best outcome.

Is TAVR Right for Me?
If you have been diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis and cannot have open heart valve replacement, ask your doctor for a referral to Carle Heart and Vascular Institute (HVI). We will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine if you are a qualified candidate for TAVR.

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