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Carle offers new service with “eye” for saving time

Carle offers new service with “eye” for saving time

Square or round? Thick or thin? Brown or red? Carle Eye makes selecting the perfect eyewear easier with a new virtual try-on gallery.

The new online virtual try-on tool gives you time to select the perfect pair without the rush. The system allows you to sort by brand, type, shape, color and more.

“Your eyewear is a really personal choice so it’s not something people want to rush but finding the time to try on can be hard,” said Kelly Schmit, patient care manager, Carle Eye. “Many of our patients use eyewear daily so they can’t just like them – they need to love them.”

Carle’s virtual gallery makes finding the perfect pair even easier. You can instantly see how the glasses look on you by quickly and easily uploading a picture from your computer, phone or tablet. Or, view in real-time with your web or phone camera. You can try-on hundreds of frames in a matter of minutes. Additionally inventory is available in the Carle Optical Shop. 

“It’s simple, stress-free browsing,” Schmit said. “You save time by exploring our selection in advance and then use your wish list to have an optician pull them for your in-person frame viewing.”

Mark your favorites or create a wish list to return later with fresh eyes before ordering. Share with your friends and loves ones so they can weigh-in on what looks and fits best. Visit to try some on today. Then, walk in for your personalized shopping experience with our experts who can assist with sizing and ordering.

The new service has an added bonus of being safer too – minimizing the amount of time, you spend on site. 

“Although we’re taking many precautions to minimize the number of people in our space at one time, cleaning surfaces and glasses, this provides an extra layer of protection for high-risk patients or those who simply prefer to limit their time away from home right now,” she said.

Finding the perfect pair of peepers can take some time – especially for young patients. Parents can focus on trying on when their kids are ready and not just before or after an appointment. 

“Just a bit of technology can involve and engage kids in the process,” she said.

If you have a current eyeglass prescription, you can start right way. If you need a new exam, Carle can help there too. Call (217) 902-3937 to make an appointment with an Optometrist to update your prescription. 

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