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AirLife celebrates 20 years of partnership with Carle Health

AirLife celebrates 20 years of partnership with Carle Health
On Oct. 7, the Carle Health AirLife team gathered at Frasca Field to celebrate the 20th anniversary of AirLife’s partnership with Carle Health. Since 2003, AirLife has transported critically ill or injured patients to the highest level of care while providing care in the air.

AirLife-2-(1).jpegAirLife is a flying emergency room where personnel can provide more specialized services to patients. Each helicopter provides room for efficient access to the patient, equipment and medicines that may save a patient’s life. The interior includes the very latest patient care equipment, GPS, satellite tracking and avionics.

“AirLife’s highly trained crews provide an indispensable resource by efficiently extending the scope and reach of our critical care services from our tertiary medical care at Carle Foundation Hospital to our surrounding communities throughout the region,” said Brad Weir, MD, Medical Director, AirLife. “We expertly care for patients throughout the life span from high-risk OB, neonatal, pediatric, adult and geriatric patients with a variety of severe illness and injuries. Our crews bring timely compassionate state-of-the- art care to our patients wherever they are.”

AirLife-8.jpegThe flight crew consists of experienced EMS pilots, critical care flight registered nurses, and critical care flight paramedics. Each team provides patient transportation between facilities and transportation from emergency scenes. In addition to providing care for critically injured and ill adult and pediatric patients, the AirLife staff work closely with specialized NICU and Labor and Delivery Transport Teams to provide the highest quality of care to these populations.

AirLife preforms hundreds of missions a year throughout Illinois and even into Indiana. In two decades AirLife has provided care for thousands of patients, continuing this key service through the pandemic.

AirLife-1-(1).jpegA connection to their community is also important to the AirLife and Arrow Ambulance teams. Many members attend events supporting educational and wellness efforts that keep communities safe. The AirLife team stays connected to the community through these events and online, using their Facebook page to introduce new team members and to celebrate their daily achievements.

“We’re here for patients where they need us, when they need us,” said Weir.

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