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Carle Health leads patient care with introduction of powerful new MRI technology to Methodist campus

Carle Health leads patient care with introduction of powerful new MRI technology to Methodist campus
Carle Health is committed to providing the highest quality care to the communities we serve by bringing the leading clinicians and necessary resources to create the best care environment possible.

Part of our ability to achieve this commitment is through the addition of innovative technology that allows us to elevate the quality of care we provide to our patients.

That access extends for patients across the Greater Peoria as Carle Health Methodist Hospital brings the powerful Signa Premier MRI 3.0T wide bore system to the system beginning May 28. This top-of-the-line technology will lead to more advanced care for our patients and expanded medical imaging services for our communities.

The Signa Premier MRI 3.0T wide bore system utilizes the latest GE 3.0T magnets and is among the first in the Greater Peoria service area to bring this level of precision technology to improve care.

This system will lead to more comfortable MRI scans thanks to a wider 70 cm bore that can accommodate more patients of all shapes and sizes. The setup features both a head-first and feet-first option, which will ensure maximum patient comfort during the imaging process and reduce scan times by 40%-60%.

Additionally, this system utilizes deep learning image reconstruction technology, leading to better image quality and a more efficient experience for patients.

“These improvements significantly enhance the capabilities and quality of imaging technology on the Carle Health Methodist Hospital campus,” Ryan Morris, Carle Health Greater Peoria Director of Medical Imaging, said. “We look forward to decreasing the length of scans and make it easier on our patients by reducing wait times between referrals, allowing them to receive an MRI much sooner.”

Carle imaging specialists are excited to improve access to care with this system’s speed, precision and comfortability. This expansion will allow clinicians to perform nearly double the number of scans, which will result in quicker diagnosis and greater health outcomes for Peoria area patients.

“Patient comfort is incredibly important to us, and we know this system will greatly improve the care our patients receive in Peoria and beyond,” Jeanette Murray, Carle Health Greater Peoria Vice President and Chief of Hospital Operations, said. “Not only are we able to shorten scan times and improve image quality, but we are doing it in a way that ensures our patients are relaxed and at ease. This is such a positive difference-maker for the communities we serve.”

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