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On the road or at home, Cardinals fan calls Health Alliance plans 'winners'

On the road or at home, Cardinals fan calls Health Alliance plans 'winners'

Rich Frankenfeld is a fan of both Health Alliance Medicare Advantage and the CardinalsLike many in Illinois, Rich Frankenfeld will keep his Health Alliance Medicare Advantage coverage for 2020. He’ll take a close look at how his plan might change for next year. And he’ll consider a different level of coverage if he needs it.

He encourages others to do the same, in part because of Be Fit. The flexible benefit allows members to choose the gym membership and fitness classes they want. They pay the gym, and Health Alliance reimburses them up to $360 a year.

“I weight train and swim a little, but I focus on stretching,” the Springfield semi-retiree said. “I go mostly on my own in the afternoon when it’s quiet. I work out because it’s good for my physical and mental health. When I’m in the zone at the gym, I can give my mind a break from other things.”

When he’s not working out or working part-time to help teachers navigate retirement, he’s likely to be cheering on the St. Louis Cardinals or serving on the Health Alliance Medicare Member Advisory Board.

The Medicare Advantage Annual Election Period (AEP) begins Oct. 15 ends Dec. 7 each year. Many people choose Medicare Advantage over Medicare Supplement because the more robust plans combine prescriptions, doctor’s office visits and hospital stays in one affordable package. They also provide extras like dental, vision and hearing coverage, plus:

  • Free easy-to-use Virtual Visits
  • $0 preferred generics at Walgreens
  • Low copayments on brand-name medications

For 2020, people with Medicare in certain counties have an additional set of options for seeing the doctors they know and trust. Simplete plans offer a whole new approach to healthcare. Where these plans are available, members enjoy even simpler and more complete healthcare experience.

Now’s not only an important time for making decisions about Medicare Advantage coverage. Frankenfeld is excited about his favorite team’s post-season performance.

“You can call me a diehard fan,” said Frankenfeld who already looks forward to heading to Jupiter, FL, to see his team at spring training.

Willie Kelly, a sports fan who keeps close tabs on the Duke Blue Devils, helps Medicare beneficiaries like Frankenfeld determine what coverage meets their needs and their budget.

He regularly touts care coordination, although not everyone know that means Health Alliance Medicare Advantage and the new Simplete plans provide more support for getting healthy and staying healthy.

He finds people appreciate the high-quality local customer service Health Alliance provides.

“With our headquarters in Champaign, people love getting more from a plan that’s right in their back yard,” Kelly said.

Frankenfeld likes that his Medicare Advantage plan is easier than a Medicare Supplement plan paired with pharmacy coverage, often from a different health plan.

And he knows the Be Fit benefit is a great part of staying healthy.

“You can’t exercise away your gut if you don’t eat well. Even though I travel a lot for work, I try to eat healthy,” he said.

Because of “doctor’s orders,” he pulls over regularly on long trips to walk around and keep his blood flowing.

Driving to Champaign for Health Alliance Medicare Member Advisory Board meetings tops his trip list.

“I appreciate all the information they share with us, and I’m not surprised at the level of customer service members receive,” Frankenfeld said.

For more information:

  • Please call Health Alliance Medicare at 1-888-382-9771 (for prospective members) and 1-800-965-4022 (for current members.)
  • Prospective Simplete members can call 1-877-634-3390. The Simplete member number is 1-877-933-8475.

Health Alliance Medicare is a Medicare Advantage Organization with a Medicare contract. Enrollment depends on contract renewal.

Other pharmacies/providers are available in our network. Carle may also contract with other Plans/Part D sponsors. Discrimination is against the law; learn more:


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