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Easy steps to help your parents pick the right Medicare plan

Easy steps to help your parents pick the right Medicare plan
They taught you to tie your shoes, read and write, and so much more. Now, your aging parents may turn to you for help. Be ready to answer their call and help them select the best health insurance coverage.
Building your awareness of the available options now can empower you to connect your parents with the appropriate resources to ensure they choose a plan to meet their needs and lifestyle.
Many people think all they need is Medicare but often that leaves people with coverage gaps.
Simplete plans offer an “all-in-one” option by providing benefits such as free virtual visits, wellness benefits and low-cost medications. These benefits address overall health including dental, hearing, vision and wellness needs.
“We offer Medicare Advantage plans with $0 monthly premiums*, $0 deductibles, $0 primary care visit copays, and $0 dental, vision and hearing benefits saving you up hundreds in health benefits each year,” Jonthan Davis, community liaison, said. “Plus, you gain access to health resources including care coordination to connect you to your medical experts, fitness benefits to stay strong and more.”
Be sure your parents choose their plan during the annual Medicare Election Period (AEP), which begins October 15 and runs through December 7. Learn more at or call (877) 634-3390 to request a phone or in-person appointment to walk you through the process.
This year, Simplete plans include:
  • Expanded pharmacy network with a number of low- cost generic drugs.
  • Decreased 90-day copay costs for mail order prescriptions.
  • Plans provide Virtual Health coverage (includes both telemedicine with your Primary Care Provider or a specialist and on-demand virtual visits).
  • No copay on the Medicare covered eye exam so vision exams are now free for in-network providers.
With Simplete, you have access to a community of caregivers that know you. And, providers lead the charge when making healthcare decisions because patient care is always paramount.
“Simplete plans offer extra support to compliment the care provided in the clinical setting or providers office like care coordination and health coaching, which helps align patient care outside of the provider office,” Chester Ho, MD, Health Alliance chief medical officer, said. “It’s like having an extra member of the care team committed to patient’s health and well-being.”

In addition to hospital care, physician visits and prescription drug coverage, Medicare Advantage plans provide extras like dental, fitness and travel assistance.
Follow these steps to get your parents enrolled in a Medicare plan today:
  1. Gather these items:
  • Their red, white and blue Medicare card.
  • Information about any other health insurance they may have.
  • Bank account information for automatic payment processing.
  • Current prescription drug list.
  1. Explore plan options make sure it meets their healthcare needs:
  • Medical coverage – find a plan that includes the right level of coverage to meet their health care needs.
  • Prescription drug coverage. Check to make it covers their current medications.
  • Financial considerations – plans have different benefits, premiums, copays, coinsurances and deductibles. Consider these costs and how they will impact their budget.
  1. Enroll in the plan.
Get your questions answered by our top-rated customer service team by calling (877) 634-3390.
*Plans and benefits vary by service area.

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